About UAS-ability

The national research infrastructure is provided and maintained by the UAS-Ability project partners from Aalborg University (AAU), Aarhus University (AU), Copenhagen University (KU), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

Our goal is to create a national research infrastructure to support the development of drone technologies, integration and use of drones in research and data collection – especially within energy, climate and environment.

Research Infrastructure

We have established three state-of-the-art drone research and innovation initiatives in Denmark, with support from the Danish government and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Focus is respectively on DevelopmentIntegration and Applications within the area of drone technologies.

The infrastructure covers a wide range of research fields such as laboratory facilities, platforms, sensors, software, workflows for efficient data processing, as well as know-how on data collection, quality control, data handling and processing.

The infrastructure is accessible to both academia and commercial companies, using the application procedure described at this website.


UAS-ability was initiated in 2016 and is funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation with 30 million DKK. The total budget including co-financing by partners is 64 million DKK.

The establishment of a Danish drone research infrastructure is embedded in the progressive Danish National Drone Strategy, which was launched in September 2016.