Composite LabComposite_ITI

The Composite Lab in the SDU UAS Test Center offers 300 square meters of lab space for composite production for drones and for a variety of other purposes.

The lab is set up into three sections, specialized for separate chemical work, mechanical work and a clean lab.



Drone manufacturing

We support drone manufacturing (both multirotor and fixed wing drones) and other branches with
lightweight composite structures and composite manufacturing.


Composite technologiesCompositDrone_435x220

We deal with different composite materials:

  • Fibers such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, natural fibers
  • Matrix such as thermoset and thermoplastics
  • Bio composites


We work with three composite core processes

  • Vacuum infusion (VAP, VARI)
  • Filament winding: Multi-axle filament winding
  • Carbon fiber - 3D printing
  • Additive Manufacturing with continuous fibers (carbon, glass and aramid fibers) and Mark Two Printer for 3D composite printing (Markforged technology)


For more information please visit Composite Lab at SDU UAS Test Center