Drone technology has many important applications. The Application initiative at AU, KU and DTU focuses on various applications of drone-mounted sensors to answer fundamental research questions, to optimize workflows, and investigate new innovative ways of data collection.

We can assist you to apply drone technology and associated sensors if your specific aim is to:

  • Answer fundamental research questions within your field (e.g., biology, agrobiology, energy, environment, or climate)
  • Increase quality or efficiency when mapping and monitoring (e.g., animals, vegetation, crops, pollutions, hydrology).

The Application initiative provides airborne data collection equipment (various drones and sensors) and insight on data collection and processing workflows that assures that you most efficiently get from your questions/aims to high quality data and and results: 

  • From Aim to Answers
  • Platforms (UAS/UAV/drones)
  • Sensors
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Guidance: who to ask?

We have experience and equipment suited for drone applications in a broad range of environments including the Arctic.

Equipment, data collection, data processing services, and guidance are available for university, non-profit and commercial research as well as for use in public service. For information on prizing see: pricing model for users.

The equipment is operated, maintained and kept updated by UAS-ability. UAS-ability is responsible for approvals, dispensations and certification of drone operators.